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Monkeys Junk Travel

Not Your Travel Experts


About Us

Probably Not The Right Travel Agency For You

Monkeys Junk is a travel service for lazy people. And also people who don't know what the hell they're doing. And honestly, we don't really care about your plans...we have our own amazing plans

Special Packages and Deals

Enjoy Watching Us Discover New Locations

Urban Beach Holiday

See this amazing picture here to the right. We haven't been here, but would love to go. After visiting we'll let ya'll know how cool it was.

Sydney Port

Culinary Tour

We would really love to go on that culinary tour. Now i'm hangry...
Again, we'll let you know once we experience it.

At the Dinner Table

Carribean Getaway

Yes yes yes...we'll post a card after visiting for you all to enjoy

Tropical Paradise

Our Services

We Don't Really Have Any Services. Please Don't Call


International Travel Guidance

Exceeding Expectations

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Insurance Agent

Corporate Travel Consultation

Personalized Approach

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Couple in Mediation

Comprehensive Trip Planning

Everything You Need

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Contact Us

If would like to work with us, please call Matt at 801-787-6087 or Andrew at 702-524-6782.

If after working with us, you have a compliment, or you just want to tell us how much you love us, please call Matt at 801-787-6087.

If you really hate our service and are disgusted at our complete lack of caring, please call Andrew at 702-524-6782

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